The Lists

Some might think a podcast on two “top 100 albums of all time” lists would be a straightforward endeavor. Those some people would be wrong.

What appears above is a detail from the document Erich created before we started our Album Oriented journey. Read both lists in PDF form here. Each episode features and album from Entertainment Weekly‘s list, with New Musical Express album entry in bold.

You may notice some album titles appear highlighted in yellow. We did this for a reason. Rock critics, simple beasts that they are, often repeat themselves with their picks on both sides of the Atlantic. Albums that appear on both lists are highlighted in yellow. Erich came up with a way to discuss two albums per episode without talking about the fricking Smiths or Stones every week. Enter the “Mojo Swap,” in which we draw from a third top 100 list and insert entries from Mojo magazine’s picks. Those album titles appear in the reader-unfriendly purple highlighting.

On the right-hand side you will see a year along with the letter “D” or “E.” These marks explain the Mid-Year Kicker Pick for each episode. The year is of the mid-point year-wise between the release dates of the two albums discussed. Daniel or Erich’s initials next to the person who gets to do the kicker-picking.

It really is quite simple when you think about it. But maybe not think about it. Enough of our yakkin’. Let’s boogie.

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