Two guys who grew up during the album era. Two lists of the top 100 albums of all time.

This is Album Oriented.

For the purposes of dramatic conflict and also based in reality, we are hosted by Erich Hertz, the apologetic indie snit Anglophile who never stopped paying attention to mainstream music, and Daniel Nester, the unapologetic mainstream champion who watched every episode of 120 minutes and accumulated pockets of obscuro factoids along the way.

Each episode, we present two albums: one from America’s Entertainment Weekly top 100 albums of all time  and the top 100 from the UK’s New Musical Express (NME) list of the top 500.

We supplement each episode’s discussion with a pick of our own, taking turns with an album from our personal top 100 list. To confine ourselves, we select albums released at the midpoint of the albums we discuss in the episode. For example, if we discuss an album released in 1970 and another in 1980, one of us has to pick an album from 1975. That’s the Mid-Year Kicker Pick®.

So let’s do this is. Welcome to Album Oriented.

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